Serving the Williamsburg Area


   After moving to Williamsburg and having been dependent on a great housecleaner for 25+ years, we were anxious to find the same great level of detail and service we were used to in other states we had lived in.
It started out as a very frustrating experience, trying 3 different firms who I felt only really “surface” cleaned and certainly didn’t do the quality work we had gotten accustomed to.
At long last a neighbor recommended Diligence LLC and after a few months of being on their then wait list, we got the call that Maria now had time on her schedule.  Thank goodness!  Maria is simply amazing!  She works so diligently that I often feel guilty being in our house while she is here!  She never stops moving the entire 4.5 hours she is here!  While our home is typically “clean”, it really sparkles once she is through.  I have never had to ask her to re-do something and have asked her for her tips on the off week that she isn’t here.
In addition to doing a great job, Maria is truly a pleasant person. 

We couldn’t have found a better housecleaner than in finally finding Maria.  I would highly recommend Diligence LLC and Maria for your cleaning needs. 

                                                                     Marcia Munn


  Maria is, without exception, THE VERY BEST HOUSEKEEPER I’VE EVER HAD! Meticulous, dependable, clever, efficient, good-natured, hardworking, quiet and flexible—just extraordinary. I recommend her enthusiastically. I feel so grateful that Maria was able to take and begin keeping house for us shortly after our move to Williamsburg a couple years ago. I’ve had housekeepers for the past 30 years and she is by far THE VERY BEST EVER. Thank you Maria for taking such good care of us.

                                                                  Deborah Jane Wells